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Hello mighty warriors!

A massive number of newcomers have come from all around the world to the evil kingdom of the darkness. The game is growing thanks to you all, and to celebrate I've created new content with a massive challenge with some more new features.

"Breaking A Punished Soul" is a totally new gameplay experience where you challengers will have to defend a discovered great gemstone until it is totally depleted by the miners. However you won't be alone, dozens of enemies have been attracted by the great shining precious stone and they will want to claim a piece of the cake. Challengers not only have to fight, but also will have to make their own strategy with swiftness in order to repel the mobs successfully. Do not panic, you can always request for the new useful supplies at the new guild store,  just make sure to not spend much on reinforcements or the gemstone will be consumed in debts.



Added a new map located in a frozen cave.


Added a new challenge “Breaking A Punish Soul”


Added several AI allied; they can be hired to help in some challenges:

Master Of The Mines


Master Gunner

Pirata Del Caribe


Added a new AI enemy:

Greedy Miner


Added new several items in the new request store available in some challenges.

Assassin Starter Kit

Barbarous Starter Kit

Bandit Starter Kit


 Master Of The Mines


 Master Gunner

 Pirata Del Caribe


Cannon Balls


Mist Of Fear

Mist Of Death


Added a new shop for requests available in some challenges

How to play is not longer a list of merely commands, but fully graphically demonstration

 Added a new tab in the armor shop: Kits, containing some items to get you ready for quests or challenges, mainly for new players that are not sure what items to start with.

New Achievement


The 3 Master challenges were merged into a single endurance tournament.

How to play is not longer a list of merely commands, but fully graphically demonstration

Most of widgets have a new design

If you have any suggestions about an update, a game feature or a bug to report do not hesitate to leave your comment or open a new thread , I’ll be attentive.

Do not forget to write your review, this will support my game, and will

help improve your gameplay experience.

Happy defending warriors!

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Version 52 Feb 06, 2022

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